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NFTs Parsell Versity

The PARSELL NFTs represent the base of the Versity project with the metavers and the SITY.

The Versity metaverse is intended to be a replica of the real world in which it is possible to create, sell or buy virtual parcels in the form of PARSELL NFTs. The different countries and territories will then be divided in the form of plots, corresponding to postal codes. Zoom on the different characteristics of these PARSELL NFTs.

Characteristics of the NFTs Parsell Versity

The income from the holding of PARSELL NFTs is correlated to the business volume generated within the postal code that the PARSELL NFT represents. It is a kind of local "GDP".

The increase in business volume over time increases the valuation of the PARSELL NFTs.

The PARSELL NFTs are negotiable on the Marketplace Web 3.0 operated by Les Agences de Papa in particular, with a price fixed by their owners.

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Versity : number of PARSELL NFTs

2 collections of NFTs Parsell on Versity

The Premium Parsell

  • They will be sold at auction with a starting price, but you will also have the possibility to buy them directly without going through the auction at a fixed price.
  • They correspond to the PARSELL NFTs with factors between 60 and 100. They represent 6,57% of all the Parsell NFTs. Prices are determined by factor level.
  • The total number of PARSELL Premium NFTs is 2.294. The minimum starting auction price will be $825.
Parsell Premium
Parsell Explorer

The Explorer Parsell

  • A lottery system will be set up, you will receive a mysterious box with a PARSELL NFT inside which will be delivered at random. You will also have the possibility through a search engine to find an NFT PARSELL Versity which interests you, which corresponds to your city of birth or your house for example, and to buy it directly without passing by the system of lottery.
  • They correspond to PARSELL NFTs with factors between 1 and 50 and represent 93.43% of all Parsell. The prices are determined by factor level.
  • The total number of PARSELL Explorer NFTs is 32.609. The minimum starting price at auction will be $135.

Breakdown of Parsell NFTs by type

FactorsZip code/Parsell
Total 34903
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Revenue model of PARSELL Versity NFTs

A structure with 4 revenue sources

  • 1.Sales of PARSELL NFTs

  • 2.Royalties

  • 3.Transaction fees

NFTs created for each country and developed by the company
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The Versity organizational chart

A PARSELL economy in 3 mechanisms

Meta builder pool

This block aims to provide a constant supply of meta builders (3D designers in order to allocate it to the different PARSELL development projects. This is why the mechanism will randomly select builders every 6 months (arbitrary period), then redirect them to a 3D task which, once completed, will unlock a SITY reward.

Meta builder pool

Parsell "Auction"

This block aligns a construction project with a PARSELL, thus incentivizing PARSELL owners through a redistribution of the revenue generated by the hosted project.

Parsell "Auction"

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This block is a reward mechanism for visitors, inspired by a classic play to earn model.

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